Welcome to Goa Classic.

Serving authentic and aromatic Curry to Bristol and the area within for over 20 years.

We are the independent, family-run, Indian restaurant in the heart of Bristol, serving the best and traditional Curry to Bristol and the surrounding areas. We have been working hard as a family group for over 20 years, we appreciate the continuous support from our followers and will keep serving you food that we are proud of!

Curry is a fascinating dish, the complex combinations of spices and herbs make Curry so flavourful and aromatic; the national and regional factors highly diversified Curry, there are countless types of Curry in the world!

Our menu, specialised in Indian Curry, offer choices of Curry from Mild, Medium, Fairly Hot to Very Hot. We also serve traditional Indian Dishes like Dansak Dishes, made by cooking mutton with a mixture of lentils. Dupiaza Dishes, a staple of indian cuisine prepared with large amount of onions; Balti Dishes, a sizzling curry prepared in steel wok and many more! Come visit us or order from us today!