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Goa Classic Indian Takeaway

13 Brislington Hill, City Centre, Bristol BS4 5BE

Free bottle of coke/died coke on order over £30. From 14th to 31st December.

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Goa classic is one of Brislington ’s best known and highly rated Indian takeaway offering a superb menu since 2002. We’ve created a pleasant atmosphere with our friendly staff, which make it a great place in which to dine. Goa classic  offers customers authentic Indian dishes, with traditional flavors, using only authentic, locally sourced, fresh ingredients and with emphasis on time honored cooking. We are dedicated to serve only the finest Indian cuisine which sets Goa classic apart from the fray.

Enjoy the best dishes.

We can cook your favorite dish at any spice level. From mild to medium to spicy. Which dish is your favorite one?

Feel special.

Don’t you want to enjoy amazing food, with amazing people, without having to worry about cooking and cleaning?